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If you're planning your wedding day yourselves, it's probably the first time you've done anything like this! :) To help you figure out the timeline or schedule of the day, here's a quick look at how much time wedding photos usually...

An autumn wedding usually means chilly weather. But for Youssef and Heba's October wedding, the happy celebration of love kept everyone warm. The bride and groom got ready in their families' homes, just a short distance apart. Then, the groom walked...

Aquarium wedding Abby and Carling had a laid-back, intimate autumn wedding at an aquarium. Yup, I said aquarium. :) Before the ceremony, the couple hung out at a nearby B&B, relaxing with friends, as they got ready for the wedding. They kept...

Countryside wedding at the Royal Bromont Golf Club

Nick and Marie are a couple of fun-loving no-nonsense people who like to keep it real! That always makes me happy, because for wedding photography, keeping it real is one of the best things you can do to get natural, spontaneous photos. Nick is from Vancouver and Marie is from Quebec. They met one wild night at a hockey game while Nick was in Montreal and hit it off. That night they fled the crazy hockey riots together. And despite living on opposite sides of the country, they kept their long-distance relationship alive and well!

Wedding at the Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel in Old Montreal

On a sunny May 17, 2014, Amanda and Jeremie were married at the Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel in the Old Port. After getting to know them a little bit during their engagement photo session in Parc Angrignon, it was a big pleasure getting to photograph their wedding day!

The happy couple

Amanda and Jeremie are quiet, thoughtful, fun-loving and seem to have inner magnets that draw positive and loving people close around them. It was such fun to document the moments happening as family and friends gathered together for a big party to celebrate their love. Here are some highlights of this wedding at the Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel:

Guys getting ready

Whiskey, wrestling and discussions on whether to cut open the pockets on their suits...Totally!

Gals getting ready

Champagne, hugs and discussions on whether Amanda looked like a brunette Katherine Heigl... Totally!

Allo tout le monde! Ce soir, il y a de la neige et du froid dehors, mais les photos que je partage avec vous ont été prises lors d'une journée pluvieuse cet automne. Noémie et Sébastien m'ont rejoint dans le Vieux-Port pour leur séance de photos en couple. On avait quelques doutes en voyant le mauvais temps s'annoncer, mais la pluie était assez douce pour s'aventurer.

Here's my collection of favourite wedding photos from 2013. This time, my favourites tend to fall in 2 categories: - strong emotional moments - creative framing (e.g., mirrors, shooting through something, etc.) As I look forward to shooting a bunch more weddings in 2014,

Sacha and James were married on a perfect sunny summer day in Montreal at the Christ Church Cathedral. James and Sacha are quiet and reserved, but something about these two seems to capture their people's allegiance and their wedding day was filled with many close friends celebrating with all their hearts! On the morning of the wedding, Sacha had a pleasant surprise at the hair salon. By coincidence, several of her friends had booked appointments at the same time as her! James's best man Eric stopped by the hair salon to deliver her bouquet and a gift from James. Her bouquet was gorgeous—a compact, artful arrangement of yellow roses, billy buttons, succulents and silver brunia.

Danny and Natalie-Ann were married at the Hotel Ruby Foo's in Montreal on March 23. They had a beautiful emotion-filled ceremony, surrounded by both their families. Their friends got involved by doing everything from officiating the ceremony to acting as emcees. And Natalie-Ann's daughter and son both participated in the ceremony, with a special reading and a live performance of "I'm Yours"! We had initially planned to take their wedding photos outdoors at a nearby train station. But after their frisky-cold winter engagement session, I don't wonder that Natalie-Ann and Danny were hesitant to head out into the cold for their portraits.

Jazmin et François se sont réunis dans une maison privé dans le Vieux-Port de Montréal pour célébrer l'union officiel de leurs 2 vies, entourés de leurs familles et amis proches. Quand François a cité Nietzsche dans ses voeux de mariage, on a bien su constater que lui c'est l'analytique dans ce couple, et Jazmin, c'est la passionnée. Ils se complètent bien! La cérémonie était simple et joyeuse, avec quelques surprises pour les invités: les superbes décorations fleurales et la robe hyper bouffante de Jazmin. Après la cérémonie, le couple m'a courageusement suivi dehors dans le froid pour faire une session de portraits créatifs dans le Vieux-Port.

June 9th. It was Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. After a freak rainstorm the day before, the day was sunny and summery. As crowds were heading to the races with their coolers and seat cushions, I was heading to Roxanne's...

This past week I received 2 sample albums I had ordered from WHCC. They're coffeetable-style books with vivid photos printed directly on sturdy pages. Check out the photos below for a little preview, and I'll gladly bring along the albums if...

When hunters from back from the woods or from Up North, if there's a moose on the roof of their car, there is always the story to tell. It's the same with photographers: either it was luck or patience that...