Here's my latest app discovery or rather “in-love-ery”. Graffmap (as in “graffiti map”) is an app you can use to find, collect and share street art. My favourite way to use...

These past few weeks, I've been looking back at the last year and gathering my favourite photos in preparation for the Salon de la Mariée bridal show where I'll be on Feb 1 and 2 (do come visit me!). I thought I'd share 2 posts with the results. This one, with a bunch of my favourite engagement photos (where couples in love be all casual and have fun getting their photos taken).
Elisa and Etienne are two energetic bundles of fun! Being a nerd myself, I think I can safely call these two "creative geeks". They are both artists (or "arteestes" as we like to say with French accents) but they also enjoy geekery like Otakuthon, anime and programming. ;) Elisa studied cartoon animation, but gave up her animator ambitions to enjoy better work-life balance and be able to one day have a family. Now, she enjoys working at a pet shop and has a gazillion (well, maybe 5) pets of her own. Etienne is a graphic designer/website developer who's also a skilled musician and swing dancer. He's a big extrovert and has the best laugh! Elisa and Etienne met in CEGEP many years ago. They are looking forward to finally tying the knot this October 19th...and celebrating the beginning of a long and exciting adventure together! ElisaEtienneEsession091 For their engagement session, we decided to forgo the typical romantic locations around Montreal (yes, Old Port, we're talking about you) and get down and dirty exploring a graffiti-filled abandoned factory.
My cousin Ben is also a wedding photographer, but he's based in Michigan, in the States. This summer, he came up to Montreal and I took him around to do some sightseeing. In fact, I discovered some favourite Montreal spots along with him...places I'm ashamed to say I'd never been before, like St-Viateur bagels and Café Olimpico. It was totally worth it to play tourist in my home town!