Élisabeth et Guillaume sont un couple super sympathique qui m'ont contacté après m'avoir trouvé dans un salon de mariage. Ils se sont connus bien jeunes et sont même ensemble depuis...

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Planning to capture this surprise proposal in Montreal

Ryan e-mailed me because he was planning to propose to his girlfriend during a weekend trip to Montreal. So we made some plans by e-mail for a cute photoshoot with them in the Old Port, around the hotel they were staying. Ryan pretended it was a couple's photoshoot so they could have "nice memories of their trip" to Montreal. But the whole time we were taking photos, he was hoping Jordan wouldn't notice the ring box in his jacket pocket.
Allo tout le monde! Ce soir, il y a de la neige et du froid dehors, mais les photos que je partage avec vous ont été prises lors d'une journée pluvieuse cet automne. Noémie et Sébastien m'ont rejoint dans le Vieux-Port pour leur séance de photos en couple. On avait quelques doutes en voyant le mauvais temps s'annoncer, mais la pluie était assez douce pour s'aventurer.
These past few weeks, I've been looking back at the last year and gathering my favourite photos in preparation for the Salon de la Mariée bridal show where I'll be on Feb 1 and 2 (do come visit me!). I thought I'd share 2 posts with the results. This one, with a bunch of my favourite engagement photos (where couples in love be all casual and have fun getting their photos taken).
Amanda is a pharmacist and Jeremie is an app programmer. Combine these two ingredients together and you get a lovely lovely couple...the salt of the earth. They’ve been together for quite a few years and it’s cool to see how comfortable they are with each other. This year, they got engaged and now are busy planning their wedding! I’m finally sharing a few photos of their engagement session. We chose Angrignon Park, in Lasalle, because it’s just around the corner from their home and it’s also a HUGE park with plenty of nice spots for photos. And on a sunny fall day, the orange leaves really popped!
Elisa and Etienne are two energetic bundles of fun! Being a nerd myself, I think I can safely call these two "creative geeks". They are both artists (or "arteestes" as we like to say with French accents) but they also enjoy geekery like Otakuthon, anime and programming. ;) Elisa studied cartoon animation, but gave up her animator ambitions to enjoy better work-life balance and be able to one day have a family. Now, she enjoys working at a pet shop and has a gazillion (well, maybe 5) pets of her own. Etienne is a graphic designer/website developer who's also a skilled musician and swing dancer. He's a big extrovert and has the best laugh! Elisa and Etienne met in CEGEP many years ago. They are looking forward to finally tying the knot this October 19th...and celebrating the beginning of a long and exciting adventure together! ElisaEtienneEsession091 For their engagement session, we decided to forgo the typical romantic locations around Montreal (yes, Old Port, we're talking about you) and get down and dirty exploring a graffiti-filled abandoned factory.
Hi guys! Today I'm sharing a few photos taken during a portrait session in the Old Port. Rebekah and Tito met while she was studying in Argentina and they recently travelled back to Quebec for a wedding ceremony in her hometown of St-Eustache. I was a guest at their wedding, and since Rebekah was a friend of mine growing up, I offered them a mini-portrait session. It was a short-and-sweet photo session to me, but to Tito, who hates being photographed, it probably seemed an eternity! Haha... Still, he was a gracious and willing subject and Rebekah brought enough enthusiasm for both of them. :)
A few weeks ago, I met up with Didier and Jasmine and their dog Bailie to do a couple's portrait session in downtown Montreal. Didier and Jasmine will be getting married back home in Mauritius this summer. But they wanted to take some engagement photos in Montreal before they left.

Itinerary for these engagement photos in downtown Montreal

We headed to the grounds of the Canadian Centre for Architecture first, then walked east through the downtown area, stopping along the way for interesting graffiti and coffee and pretend Nintendo games and swings and ending up playing in a fountain! A great sunny summer day!
Jazmin et François se sont réunis dans une maison privé dans le Vieux-Port de Montréal pour célébrer l'union officiel de leurs 2 vies, entourés de leurs familles et amis proches. Quand François a cité Nietzsche dans ses voeux de mariage, on a bien su constater que lui c'est l'analytique dans ce couple, et Jazmin, c'est la passionnée. Ils se complètent bien! La cérémonie était simple et joyeuse, avec quelques surprises pour les invités: les superbes décorations fleurales et la robe hyper bouffante de Jazmin. Après la cérémonie, le couple m'a courageusement suivi dehors dans le froid pour faire une session de portraits créatifs dans le Vieux-Port.