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30 Jan

I got to play spy proposal photographer a lot in 2014!

After shooting Ryan’s super-romantic surprise proposal last year, I’ve been lucky enough to get to take photos of even more proposals in 2014. I’ve got to give major props to the guys who contacted me to plan secret pictures of their proposals! They really wanted to plan something romantic and special for their girlfriends by

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Surprise proposal photography in Old Montreal
29 Jan

A winter proposal in Old Montreal

On December 13, 2014 (yes, that’s 12/13/14!), Jetmir and Sara were having dinner at Jardin Nelson in Old Montreal. Little did Sara know that Jet had a ring in his pocket and was planning to propose in just a few minutes. As they exited the restaurant, they strolled through the snow-filled Jacques-Cartier square. They took

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14 Feb

Surprise proposal in Montreal

Hi everyone! In honour of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing one of my most romantic photo sessions from this fall. Ryan e-mailed me because he was planning to propose to his girlfriend during a weekend trip to Montreal. So we made some plans by e-mail for a cute photoshoot with them in the Old Port, around

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