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29 Aug

Abby – Senior photos

They have something awesome in the States called senior photos! These are photos high school students take in their senior year, but they’re not the stereotypical school photos where you sit on a stool with your hands on your knees in front of a cheesy backdrop and show your teeth. Most high school students go

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07 May

Rooftop shoot with Sebastien Descormiers

A few weeks ago, I met up with Sebastien Descormiers, for a photoshoot in downtown Montreal. We met at Square Philips and took some photos around the statue, then headed for a nearby alley for some more grunge-style photos. He used to work in a nearby building and knew how to get up on the

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23 Mar

Early morning shoot with Rodrigo

Here’s some photos from another early morning shoot. This time at the stadium grounds. Rodrigo was great and tried a bunch of ideas (jump shots, fighting, breathing smoke…lol!). But man, getting up so early is hard! I think now the sun’s out later, I will just do shoots in the evening…argh…

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14 Mar

Early morning shoot with Chelsea

Each morning on my way to work, I’d been sighing at the sweet winter light–knowing I didn’t have time to shoot in it. I decided that next chance I got, if I found some willing models, I’d get up early and do a mini-shoot before work. Hum…coffeeeee required. So last week, I met up with

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