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31 Dec

Une nouvelle année de wallpapers débute!

Woohoo, ça fait maintenant plus qu’un an que je fais un nouveau fond d’écran à chaque mois. Certains sont plus inspirés que d’autres – hehe – mais, je suis contente d’avoir continué. Voici la nouvelle pour janvier 2011. J’espère qu’elle vous inspire à votre tour à relever quelques nouveaux défis. :) Allez ici pour télécharger

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01 Dec

Wallpaper for December 2010

Hey everyone, the wallpaper for December is here! Hope you like it. I kidnapped my roomie to pose for me against my new backdrop. Thanks Éli! We had fun playing with the marshmellows and the hot cocoa, making it look yummy. The quote is from Charlie Brown, which is even yummier. Get your wallpaper here

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09 Nov

Workshop with LeahAndMark

On Saturday, I went to the Studio4fun on St-Hubert street for an informal workshop with Mark of He’s a very down-to-earth and friendly photographer from one of the Carolina’s (maybe South?), who was in Montreal with his wife. While she attended a conference, he spent some of his free time getting to know Montreal

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01 Nov

November wallpaper

Hey everyone, you can get your wallpaper for November here. This month’s image is here to give you a boost in your battle against the evils of the coming winter. :) J’ai eu de plaisir de re-collaborer avec la talentueuse KamiHeika pour cette photo.

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30 Sep

October calendar wallpaper

Yay! I’m not late! Here’s a cheery autumn wallpaper for October! Trivia: I used my cellphone to photograph those pumpkins…I saw them at Atwater Market, dripping with rain and glowing with colour through the grey day–I had to shoot them. English wallpaper here Voici le calendrier fonds d’écran pour le mois d’Octobre. C’est une photo

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05 Sep

Wallpaper for September

Nouveau fonds d’écran pour septembre, juste à temps pour la journée du travail! Happy Labour Day weekend! Here’s a new calendar wallpaper to cheer up your fall. :) English wallpaper here Fond d’écran français ici

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02 Aug

Wallpaper for August :)

Just got back from 2 weeks of vacation! And here’s the wallpaper calendar for August!  I took that picture at my grandparent’s house in Pennsylvania, though the temperature is a bit exaggerated due to sunlight… English wallpaper here Fond d’écran français ici

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11 Jun

Final photography project finished

Had my last photography class at Concordia tonight…now I feel kind of nostalgic!  I presented my final project, a music album design for my brother. And I got to see everyone else’s projects too…there were some really pro ones. I really loved the project, I just wish I had more time and access to better

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01 Jun

June wallpaper / Fonds d’écran pour le mois de juin

C’est un clin d’oeil malicieux à tous les films et séries de vampires qui sortent ces temps-ci, et surtout Twilight 3, qui sort en juin.  Boycottons! This month, I’m poking fun at the inumerable threadbare vampires stories that are popping up everywhere! Special razzie props go to Twilight 3, coming out in June. Let’s boycott

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30 Apr

New wallpaper for May

Hey friends! Here we go with another desktop wallpaper!  This one is also available in French and English, in a variety of sizes. If your desktop is a different size and you’d like one, just let me know and I’ll start making them in your size. :) The theme of this wallpaper is “Mindscape” and

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29 Mar

Free wallpaper for April 2010

Here we go with another new wallpaper. This one is a lot simpler, yet it took a while to make. Can you guess why? See if you can spot something weird about the photo. :) These past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how I take photos. I’ve been trying to carry my camera more

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06 Mar

Free wallpaper for March 2010

This month’s free wallpaper is based on my Photoshop 3 class project. For the project, I created a series of 3 images to visually represent the lyrics of Patrick Watson, Montreal jazz musician. I selected 3 of his songs that each contained a phrase that conjured up a strong, surreal image in my mind and

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