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Wedding couple on the dance floor at La Toundra hall on Jean-Drapeau island
11 Feb

Behind the photo: Blurred dancers

When inspiration strikes…  I love looking through old National Geographic mags for inspiration. It’s part nostalgia, because I used to love paging through my dad’s collection of dusty magazines. But now, as a wedding photographer, I always find it refreshing to draw ideas from outside the wedding-industry bubble…whether it’s from magazines, art or movies. Recently,

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01 Aug

Playing tourist in my hometown…

My cousin Ben is also a wedding photographer, but he’s based in Michigan, in the States. This summer, he came up to Montreal and I took him around to do some sightseeing. In fact, I discovered some favourite Montreal spots along with him…places I’m ashamed to say I’d never been before, like St-Viateur bagels and

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06 Aug

Wallpaper: An affection for dusty National Geographics

I went to see Moonrise Kingdom. There’s a Narrator character who wanders through the movie as if he’s on the set of a weather documentary from the 60s. He brought to mind the dusty pile of National Geographics my dad had when I was a teen. I never read the articles, but I would page

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25 Mar

Les derniers jets d’hiver

Spring snow – Verdun, a photo by Esther Gibbons on Flickr. Ou du moins on l’espère! J’ai pu profiter à mon goût de la neige pour des photos et je suis prête pour la lumière d’été. Et vous?

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