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10 Jul

Behind the photo: Bird’s eye view

Finding the right place to do an overhead photo I often photograph couples in Old Montreal and it’s easy to slip into habits and re-use the same photo locations. So on one of the first hot days of summer, I was wandering around the Old Port, camera in hand, scouting for fresh viewpoints and photo

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20 May

App discovery: PHHHOTO

How would you pronounce PHHHOTO? I’ve been calling it “Pho-ho-ho-to”…like Santa. What do you say? PHHHOTO is like Instagram but with moving pictures. It takes 4 rapid-fire shots with your phone’s camera, creating an animated image (like a GIF). Your photo is immediately shared within the app’s internal social network, where you can also explore

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07 Apr

Goodbye, Winter!

After this year’s record-breaking cold temperatures in Quebec, I’m sure you’re all thrilled for warmer weather to finally show up. I’m wearing my spring coat already, even though I know better. As they say, “En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fils.” But it feels so good! To celebrate winter and especially its passing, here

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03 Mar

My ironic corporate coffee mug…not actually so ironic

If you’ve watched The Office, you’ve probably noticed Michael Scott’s “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug (purchased for himself!). So I’ve gone and pulled a Michael Scott. I’ve bought my own corporate coffee mug! I found it in a Value Village a few years ago, when I was thrift-shopping a bunch of tea cups for a

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Wedding couple on the dance floor at La Toundra hall on Jean-Drapeau island
11 Feb

Behind the photo: Blurred dancers

When inspiration strikes…  I love looking through old National Geographic mags for inspiration. It’s part nostalgia, because I used to love paging through my dad’s collection of dusty magazines. But now, as a wedding photographer, I always find it refreshing to draw ideas from outside the wedding-industry bubble…whether it’s from magazines, art or movies. Recently,

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01 Aug

Playing tourist in my hometown…

My cousin Ben is also a wedding photographer, but he’s based in Michigan, in the States. This summer, he came up to Montreal and I took him around to do some sightseeing. In fact, I discovered some favourite Montreal spots along with him…places I’m ashamed to say I’d never been before, like St-Viateur bagels and

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06 Aug

Wallpaper: An affection for dusty National Geographics

I went to see Moonrise Kingdom. There’s a Narrator character who wanders through the movie as if he’s on the set of a weather documentary from the 60s. He brought to mind the dusty pile of National Geographics my dad had when I was a teen. I never read the articles, but I would page

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02 May

Desktop wallpaper for May 2012

May Day in Montreal…in the last few days and weeks…Montreal has seen snow, ongoing student protests, a huge and peaceful Earth Day march, a bixi-poetry hack…I think the city is ready for change. Or at least for some summer weather! Here’s a wallpaper calendar for May…I hope it wakes up your brain cells. ;) Download

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01 Mar

Desktop calendar wallpaper for March 2012

Hi guys, I don’t have much to tell you except: here’s a new calendar wallpaper for March! I used a black and white film photo I took last March. Hope you like it! Get your desktop wallpaper here. If anyone is wondering how I did with my personal challenge for February, I toughed it out

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02 Feb

Desktop calendar wallpaper for February 2012

Hi guys! I’m back with a fresh wallpaper calendar for February. I’m always reminded that I become one year older in February. This year, I’ve decided to try an experiment for the month: A TV-free February! Since I’m quite addicted, this is gonna be a challenge, but worth it. I started thinking about all the

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01 Jan

Wallpaper for January 2012

Happy new year everyone! I’m enjoying a relaxing few days before work begins again. I hope you are spending restful times during the holidays with your family and friends. This month’s calendar is a tribute to Christmas lights and their nostalgic and cheery glow. Cheers! Esther :) Get your desktop calendar. Or get a version

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03 Oct

Wallpaper for October

Hey everyone, doesn’t it seem too soon to be fall? It’s already October! The new month snuck up on me before I realized it, but I put together this little wallpaper for you: I was walking by and saw this guy trimming down the trees at Place-des-Arts. All their tiny red fruits reminded me of

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01 Sep

Wallpaper for September

Oh the shame. I skipped 2 months of wallpapers! It’s been a busy summer… I’m back in the saddle again (I hope) with a new calendar for September. And we’re going a little old school with this month’s theme. I thought the guitar and the dark tones fit well with some Johnny Cash lyrics. Hope

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31 May

Wallpaper for June – Fonds d’écran pour juin

“The agents of law should always be blind and on time” – Derek Webb Just love this lyric fragment…had it stuck in my head today. Of course, it doesn’t apply here. Photographers, too, should be on time. But never blind. Oh well. This month’s wallpaper is here! It’s one of my favorite ones in a

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03 May

Wallpaper for may – Fonds d’écran pour mai

Here’s a fresh wall for May! It features my collection of bread tags. Yes, that was a “bread tag collection”. Yours is not to reason why. ;) Download it! Voici le nouveau fonds d’écran pour mai (avec quelques jours de retard), mettant en vedette ma collection d’épingle à pain. Eh oui, j’ai dis “collection d’épingle

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31 Mar

Monthly wallpaper for April

What we’ve got here is a fabricated fadedness. A manufactured mustiness. Like digging through Grandma’s treasures and turning up poems written by Mom in her teens. A bit of nostalgia for youth: spring’s season anyways. P.S. I’m wondering if I can stop putting the dates on these monthly calendars…or if someone will miss them? I

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25 Mar

Les derniers jets d’hiver

Spring snow – Verdun, a photo by Esther Gibbons on Flickr. Ou du moins on l’espère! J’ai pu profiter à mon goût de la neige pour des photos et je suis prête pour la lumière d’été. Et vous?

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01 Mar

Wallpaper for March 2011 – Fonds d’écran pour mars

Hey friends, here’s my calendar wallpaper for the month of March 2011. Have you noticed the calendar’s are getting simpler and simpler as the months go by? Haha, I’m becoming lazy. But seriously, once you know where the weekends are, do you really need to know each day of the week? Living for the weekend!

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