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10 Jul

Behind the photo: Bird’s eye view

Finding the right place to do an overhead photo I often photograph couples in Old Montreal and it’s easy to slip into habits and re-use the same photo locations. So on one of the first hot days of summer, I was wandering around the Old Port, camera in hand, scouting for fresh viewpoints and photo

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20 May

App discovery: PHHHOTO

How would you pronounce PHHHOTO? I’ve been calling it “Pho-ho-ho-to”…like Santa. What do you say? PHHHOTO is like Instagram but with moving pictures. It takes 4 rapid-fire shots with your phone’s camera, creating an animated image (like a GIF). Your photo is immediately shared within the app’s internal social network, where you can also explore

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07 Apr

Goodbye, Winter!

After this year’s record-breaking cold temperatures in Quebec, I’m sure you’re all thrilled for warmer weather to finally show up. I’m wearing my spring coat already, even though I know better. As they say, “En avril, ne te découvre pas d’un fils.” But it feels so good! To celebrate winter and especially its passing, here

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03 Mar

My ironic corporate coffee mug…not actually so ironic

If you’ve watched The Office, you’ve probably noticed Michael Scott’s “World’s Best Boss” coffee mug (purchased for himself!). So I’ve gone and pulled a Michael Scott. I’ve bought my own corporate coffee mug! I found it in a Value Village a few years ago, when I was thrift-shopping a bunch of tea cups for a

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