Bride and groom holding hands in front of a rustic floral archway

Eastern Townships wedding on an alpaca farm

On a hot summer day, I drove out to the countryside to photograph this Eastern Townships wedding. Chelsey and Danick planned for their wedding to be an intimate gathering of family and friends. They hosted the special event at a gorgeous family-owned alpaca farm nestled at the food of Mont Pinacle. Wow Freli Alpacas is owned and run by Chelsey’s dad. The property, with its winding mountain paths and romantic woodsy setting, was the perfect outdoor venue for this rustic-chic wedding.

Bride holding her bouquet and waiting to leave the house
Groom smiling at bride at outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods

Putting together a DIY rustic-chic wedding

When I arrived at the farm, I was greeted by the sight of the groom and his friends and father-in-law hard at work putting together the rustic ceremony location. In a small area covered in wood chips, they were assembling wooden log benches. Chelsey’s aunt and uncle arrived carrying an abundance of flowers. They they began attaching them to an elegant archway for the front of the ceremony. The sounds of chainsaws whirred in the heat as all the last-minute preparations were coming together.

Man driving small tractor carrying wedding party supplies up a gravel road on a hill
Man and woman carrying an arch of wedding flowers up the hill past a tractor
Man setting up the floral wedding arch
Father of the bride shirtless and lighting a cigarette
Groom and father of the bride using a chainsaw to build log benches

The bride’s preparations

Inside the house, I found Chelsey in a soft-toned room. She was getting the finishing touches of her makeup ready. What a contrast with the noisy guys outside! The bride was in peaceful haven with her friends. The gals popped some champagne and enjoyed it together as they got ready in the quiet space.

White lacy wedding dress hanging in doorway
Bride silhouetted against window as she gets her wedding hair done
Bride laughing and texting someone
Opened bottle of rosé and a cork
Bridesmaid sitting on the floor and drinking rosé
Bride laughing in mirror as she gets her hair done

I remember it being so hot that day! I was a sweaty mess, but as the wedding photographer, I’m always behind the camera, so it’s all good! The bride and her mom took turns standing right in front of the fan to cool off.

Bride stretching out her arms in front of a fan to cool off
Bride helping her friend zip up dress
Bridesmaid smiling at bride
Friends of the bride showing her a mr & mrs banner decoration
MUA pinning on wedding veil

Chelsey kept peeking out the window to check on the wedding progress. Each time,  she would keep seeing her future husband still in his sweaty working clothes, not yet dressed for the wedding. I think she was nervous he wouldn’t be ready in time. In the end, it all worked out perfectly.

Bride looking out the window nervously
MUA pinning on veil
Bride's mom buttoning the back of her dress
Bride excited and freaking out when putting on her dress
Bride's friends excited to see her in her dress
Ring bearer peeking into the room
Bride's father being subjected to wearing a bow tie
Bride adjusting her dad's bow tie

The groom getting ready

As the first early guests were starting to show up at the farm, Dan headed off to get ready with his best man and father. His father helped him with his bow tie. Then, as he headed up the path to the ceremony location, his mom found him to pin on his boutonnière.

Flat lay photo of groom's accessories on wooden floor (shoes, bowtie, watch, socks and belt)
Groomsman fixing a broken suspender
Wide room photo of a cabin with pool table and groom getting ready
Groomsman brushing his beard and looking in the mirror
Father of the groom helping him with his bow tie
Groom's mom helping him pin on boutonniere
Groom walking up a gravel road with wedding guests including a woman in a boot cast
Black and white photo of two swans
Alpacas in the barn
Wedding guest looking at alpacas
Wedding guest in red dress sitting on proch
Eastern Townships wedding violinist playing

Wedding ceremony

Finally, friends and family had all arrived for this Eastern Townships wedding. It was time for the ceremony to begin. Chelsey’s brother officiated the wedding. His son was the ring bearer. The wedding guests were seated on the log benches, surrounded by tall trees, and witnessed this special ceremony to unite the couple.

Bride and her father climbing the steps to outdoors wedding ceremony
Groom watching bride arrive
Bride smiling as her dad as groom looks on
Outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods in the Eastern Townships
Bride looking at groom in outdoor wedding ceremony in the woods
Sand ceremony at rustic woodsy Eastern Townships wedding

The wedding ceremony included a sand ceremony. The couple took turns pouring different coloured sand into a clear jar, layering the different colours. This ritual symbolizes how a wedding unites two people. Just like the individual grains of sand cannot be separated again and poured back into their original jars, their lives will be blended and be forever mixed together.

Sand ceremony
Bride putting ring on groom
Bride and groom holding hands in front of rustic chic wedding arch
Bride and groom walking hand in hand
Bride raising her bouquet and holding her new husband's hand

Wandering the grounds for rustic wedding portraits

After the simple wedding ceremony, the guests cheered and the bride and groom ran off down the small wooden steps. I left the guests to enjoy cocktail hour with some string musicians. Then, I made my way across the grounds of the woodsy farm to take rustic wedding portraits of the newly wedded couple.

Rustic chic wedding portrait on porch in Eastern Townships wedding
Black and white portrait of bride and groom in Eastern Townships
Close up portrait of bride leaning in close to groom
Wedding couple walking along path through a pine forest
Black and white photo of the bride walking down a path with groom looking back at her in front of a backdrop of pine trees

Further down the property, a small vineyard with a sheltered archway of vines was a great spot for a few cozy portraits.

Wedding couple kissing framed by grape vines
Romantic wedding couple portrait in a tunnel of grape vines

Due to the heat, we headed to the cabin for some shade and water. With its large windows letting in soft light and a view of the pine forest beyond, this pit stop became a great setting for some beautiful portraits as well. Then, we headed back outdoors for a few more bride and groom portraits along the path through the woods.

Wedding couple getting a drink in a cabin with a view of a pine forest
Wedding couple resting in a rustic cabin with a view of pine trees
Groom gazing at bride sitting across from him
Wedding couple holding hands in front of stacks of firewood
Wedding couple in front of pine trees
Rustic wedding couple portrait in the Eastern Townships
Wedding couple walking through a forest in the Eastern Townships

An Eastern Townships wedding reception under a tent

This rustic chic wedding reception was held under a white canopy tent. The tent’s position on the hillside afforded it a stunning backdrop overlooking the rolling hills and mountains of the Eastern Townships.

Wedding reception under a tent on a hillside in the woods
Small ceramic rose and antler wedding place card holder
Rustic chic wedding table decorations
with a mountain top view of the Eastern Townships
Wedding table decorations and settings for an outdoor rustic chic wedding
Rustic chic wedding centerpiece of flowers in a wooden box
Wedding table decorations and settings for an outdoor rustic chic wedding
Wedding cake on table with bouquet with a backdrop of a view of the Eastern Townships and a mountain range
Small gift of jar of honey for wedding favour
View of the alpaca farm at evening at this Eastern Townships wedding
Alpaca in front of its barn at Wow Freli Alpaca farm
Domaine Pinnacle serving cocktails at this Eastern Townships wedding
Wedding party with group picking up his friend
Grandmother of the bride writing in the guest book
bride and groom giving a toast and bride raising rock on hand sign
Wedding guests laughing at their table
Grandmother of the bride looking at her wedding ring
Wedding guest hugging mom
Wedding guest lighting tea light candles
bride and groom kissing at their sweetheart table

The wedding dinner was catered by a friendly team from Restaurant Lyvano (a local Frelighsburg favourite) and featured down-to-earth fare with creative twists.

Restaurant Lyvano caterers
Close up of salad plates by Restaurant Lyvano caterers
Wedding guests raising their glasses
Wedding guests high five at dinner
Moody evening glow at wedding reception table
Wedding guests chatting at dinner
Tent wedding reception
Wedding guests chatting with bride and groom
Wedding couple cutting the cake
Bride feeding the groom a bite of wedding cake

As night fell, the moon rose and colourful lights came on to light the tent and the nearby swan pond.

Nighttime view of this Eastern Townships wedding reception in a tent
Fountain with LED lighting at night
Close up of wing rings on a stone in front of a fireplace

After dinner, Chelsey and Danick had a romantic first dance as their friends and family proudly watched. Then the wedding guests joined them on the dance floor.

First dance
Wedding dance with a dip
Mom filming first dance with a smart phone
Gay couple dancing at wedding reception
Young couple dancing at wedding reception
Wedding guests dancing in wedding tent
Man holding hands with his toddler child dancing
Small family dancing together at Eastern Townships wedding
Friends hugging and smiling during party
Friends hugging during wedding dancing
Friends at wedding laughing and eating candy
Night time LED lighting in outdoor tent wedding

Chelsey and Danick, thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography.

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