Montreal proposal photographer: A sunset surprise proposal by the Saint-Lawrence river

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surprise proposal in Montreal, Quebec

Alex got in touch with me when he was planning to propose to his girlfriend Sarah. He was setting up a romantic proposal at a park along the river near their house. It was important to him to have photos to document this important milestone in their relationship and capture the surprise proposal.

Setting up the surprise proposal

With some help from his sister, Alex set up a lovely scene with candles, a bottle of champagne and rose petals in the park. I waited at a nearby bus stop, trying to look like I was just your average transit user. When Alex and Sara arrived at the park, he led her to the riverside and got down on one knee. I captured the whole proposal. Thankfully, the weather was amazing and the sun was just setting, making the Montreal riverside an epic view.

Capturing great memories

Photographing Sarah’s emotional reaction to the surprise proposal was my first priority. I continued to photograph candid shots as the happy couple celebrated this important moment. Sarah called her mom to tell her about the proposal. Then, we took a few casual engagement portraits in the neighbourhood. By this time, the sun was setting in full glory, with glowing red clouds.

Planning a surprise proposal in Montreal?

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surprise proposal photos in Montreal, Quebec

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Romantic proposal in Montreal, Quebec

Surprise proposal photographer in Montreal, Quebec

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Happy newly engaged couple after sunset proposal photoshoot

Happy newly engaged couple after sunset surprise proposal