Fireworks proposal in Montreal’s Old Port

Congratulations to Heidi and Colin on their engagement! Colin pulled off an amazing surprise fireworks proposal in Montreal.

Colin and Heidi were visiting Montreal this summer with friends all the way from Cape Dorset, Nunavut. Little did Heidi know Colin was planning to propose as they watched the fireworks show in Montreal’s Old Port.

Colin kept me updated so I would be on location at the right time and spot them waiting for the fireworks to begin. Photographing the proposal at night was challenging, especially since I didn’t want to use any flash to light the couple, since that would have spoiled the surprise. Halfway through the show, Colin turned Heidi to face him and got down on one knee. She was so shocked! And she definitely said yes!

Their friends congratulated them. After the fireworks, we look some couple’s photos in the dark in Old Montreal to mark their brand new engagement!

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