About hands in documentary wedding photography

As a mainly documentary wedding photographer, I prefer to work in a candid photography style, capturing events as they happen without asking people to pose for the camera. This approach gives wedding couples more natural photos and memories of their wedding day.

While I’m following you during the wedding day, I’m always looking out for expressions and gestures that will tell a story. Usually, this means I’m hunting for moments when people are naturally laughing or smiling. But I’m also trying to catch emotions expressed through hands.

Here’s how hands tell the story in documentary wedding photography

Maybe a hand reaches out to pull someone closer. Or a bride’s hands are gripped tight with nerves. A quartet of bridesmaids’ hands are working together to button up the wedding dress. Oh, and wedding days are full of high fives! Guests hold hands during the ceremony. Sometimes a hand reaches out to wipe away tears.. During the night, people fling their hands in the air while dancing. And cover up their laughing faces during speeches. And the groom’s hand just barely touches the bride’s back as they walk along together

So many emotions are revealed through your hands! Those stories are what I’m trying to capture as a candid wedding photographer.

Below, you’ll find a collection of photojournalistic black-and-white wedding photos featuring hands. These are some of my favourite, in-the-moment, storytelling photos from weddings I’ve photographed.

If you’re getting married and you like this style of documentary wedding photography, please send me a quick message to see if I’m available on your wedding date.

Documentary wedding photography: bride being carried down the aisle

Documentary wedding photography: Bride wiping grooms tears away

Nervous bride's hands clenched

Bridesmaids at work buttoning wedding dress

Documentary wedding photography: Bride's excited hands outstretched

No seat belts in the limo: bride holds flowergirls safely in limo seats

Morning preparations: documentary wedding photos

Wedding photo of hands grappling to tie dad's bow tie

Documentary wedding photographer: Bride's dad sees her for first time in wedding dress

Wedding photo: Bride and sister holding hands excited

Montreal wedding: the groom's hand playing with veil

Delicate gesture with hand as bride and groom walk away

Kid touches flower basket during wedding ceremony

Bridesmaids holding hands during wedding ceremony

Bride and groom high five

Mom holding hands with child during wedding ceremony

Friends holding hands as they watch first dance

Documentary wedding photography: exit at ceremony

Documentary wedding photography: Happy bride and groom

Documentary wedding photography: Birk's Chapel, Montreal

Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

Bride and groom dance in darkened hallway

Groom walking with young daughter

Documentary wedding photography: Hugs!

Documentary wedding photography: Hora

Bedeken wedding ceremony

Documentary wedding photography: Hand reaching to pour drink

Documentary wedding photography: pointing around the room

Wedding guests clinking wine glasses in toast, during night time wedding at Pavillon Jamaique, Montreal

Wedding photo of bride kissing her hands in thank you and groom pretended to bow down to friends in thank you

Groomsmen cracking up in laughter during a wedding speech

Happy groom reaching out very far to shake hands with his friend at his wedding reception

Wedding guest wiggling her finger to invite someone to join her on the dance floor

Wedding guests dancing

Wedding guest spinning around on the floor

Hands touching as wedding guests dance

Wedding guests high five on dance floor

Impromptu karaoke at wedding reception at l'Abbaye d'Oka, near Montreal

Silhouette photo of bride and groom raising their wine glasses in a toast

Mother of groom crying with hand over mouth during wedding speech

Emotional photo of mother of groom listening to her son's speech

Wedding photo of hands over shoulders during Greek dancing

Photo of single guys jumping for garter toss at a wedding reception in Laval, Quebec

Blindfolded groom with fists raised high in triump with garter belt in his teeth

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  • Philip Ryott
    Posted at 19:55h, 05 March

    Love black and white for the wedding photojournalism Kudos!