Mont-Saint-Hilaire wedding photography

Saint-Hilaire wedding photography: An elegant wedding at Manoir Rouville Campbell

Last summer, I photographed a beautiful wedding in Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Valerie and Sacha’s daytime wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Manoir Rouville Campbell, a hotel along the Richelieu river. The wedding ceremony was held outdoors under a tent. After a brief cocktail hour in the gardens, the guests enjoyed luncheon in a sunny reception hall.

Violin and cello duo in the Orangerie reception hall

A live string duo gave the wedding reception an elegant touch as they played musical arrangements. Valerie had prepared a special waltz with her dad for the father-daughter dance. The bride and groom’s choice of live musicians instead of a DJ brought a classic style that blended perfectly with the serene ambiance of the Orangerie hall.

Mont Saint-Hilaire wedding photography at the nature park

After the daytime reception ended and they said goodbye to their guests, the bride and groom and I headed to Parc Mont-Saint-Hilaire for their wedding portraits. Mont-Saint-Hilaire park was a great choice of location for their wedding photos, since Valerie and Sacha are an outdoorsy, active couple. A park staff member was kind enough to guide us in his jeep up to Hertel Lake where I took some simple wedding portraits of the couple as they relaxed after their big day. As the sun set, we were able to get some beautiful silhouette photos and some moody, quiet portraits.

If you’re planning a wedding at Manoir Rouville-Campbell and you like natural wedding photos, please send me a quick message because I’d love to work with you!

Here’s a selection of wedding photos to enjoy:

The scene when arriving at this Manoir Rouville Campbell wedding

Manoir Rouville Campbell wedding

Groom hugging a friend

Groom's brother greeting wedding guests

Wedding guests smiling at each other

Manoir Rouville Campbell wedding scene

Bride and father before the wedding ceremony

Tent wedding ceremony

Rings at wedding ceremony

Laughing wedding guests

Wedding photo of groom during ceremony

Bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony

Bride and groom exit the wedding ceremony

Wedding guests at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Guests at Manoir Rouville-Campbell wedding

Family portraits at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Manoir Rouville-Campbell family formals

Family portrait at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Wedding guests chatting with the groom at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Groom hugging friend at Manoir Rouville-Campbell wedding

Wedding guests during cocktail hour at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Wedding cake at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

L'Orangerie reception hall

Wedding guest during dinner

Guests laughing at wedding dinner at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

L'Orangerie reception hall at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Speech during wedding reception

Bridemaid covering her face with her hand as she laughs

Head table with everyone laughing

Best man speech at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Best man speech at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Father daughter dance at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

First dance in the Orangerie hall

First dance at Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Violinist at wedding reception

Cellist playing during wedding reception

Classical music at wedding reception

Bride and groom sitting on bench at Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Wedding portrait at Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Wedding portrait at lake at Mont Saint Hilaire

Bride and groom walking hand in hand at Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Sunset wedding photos at Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Bride and groom portrait at Mont Saint-Hilaire

Bride and groom holding hands

Bride hugging groom at Mont Saint-Hilaire

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