First wedding dance with sparklers

Documentary wedding photos: A Persian wedding at Chateau Bromont

Meet the wedding couple!

Hamed and Negar are a lovely couple of academics (engineering and economics) who were married at the Chateau Bromont surrounded by their families and friends. They are originally from Iran and blended their Persian culture with their new Canadian life for their wedding.

Wedding location and photo approach

Everything, from the preparations to the ceremony to the party, happened in one location, making this wedding so simple to photograph. I used my typical documentary wedding photography approach, though it was also important to the couple to capture beautiful still life photos of the decor details as well as formal family photos.

Special ceremony elements

The wedding ceremony had some traditional Persian touches, including a Sofreh table with trays bearing symbolic elements like spices, fruits, and hot coals. It also included live harp music by their officiant Claire Mallet and a reading of an Iranian poem by Maman Ozma. There were some special drum performances as well. I loved getting to see all the wedding customs that were new to me.

Chateau Bromont location

The sun came out in time for a cocktail hour out in the garden, where Hamed and Negar took the time to take photos with all their guests. The Chateau Bromont garden is a lovely landscaped place full of greenery, flowers and a little pond.

Wedding reception

The wedding reception was a time to dance and celebrate. The married couple’s first dance was very special as all the guests lit sparklers to wave around.

Here’s some documentary wedding photos to tell the story of their day:

Lacy wedding dress hanging while bride gets ready in the background

Bride and sister-in-law dancing before wedding

Black and white photo of wedding dress

Groom's parents getting ready

Closeup of wedding rings and shoes

Groom's mother cleaning

Wedding bouquet

Bride's dress getting buttoned while groom looks on

Kiss shared between bride and groom during preparations

Bride getting ready

Reflection photo of bride and groom

Documentary wedding photography: Mother of groom taking a selfie

Documentary wedding photography: Hugs for friends

Bride's shoes and feet

Wedding portraits in the garden of Chateau Bromont

Wedding portraits in the garden Chateau Bromont

Wedding veil blowing in the wind during bridal portrait

Sofreh at Persian wedding

Sofreh table at Persian wedding

Wedding decor

Burning coals at Persian wedding


Groom and parents walking down the aisle

Bride arriving with parents

Documentary wedding photography: bridal entrance

Documentary wedding photography: bride arrives

Persian wedding ceremony

Claire Mallet, wedding officiant

Speech at Persian wedding ceremony

Bride reading her vows

Maman Ozma reading a Persian wish

Bride and groom holding hands

Mother throwing petals and coins on bride and groom

Groomsman carrying tray during Persian wedding in Quebec

Groomsmen carrying trays during Persian wedding in Quebec

Drums performance during Persian wedding

Bride dancing during Persian wedding ceremony

Wedding guest clapping

Groom and bride feed each other honey to symbolize sweetness of life

Happy wedding guests

Happy wedding guests


Wedding cocktail in Chateau Bromont gardenClose up of cocktails at wedding reception

Wedding centrepiece

Head table centrepiece

Vase with sand in it from sand ceremony

Chateau Bromont wedding decorations

White square shaped wedding cake tower


Bride and groom enter reception hall


Bride and groom dancing at wedding reception

Wedding reception decor at Chateau Bromont

Wedding reception decor at Chateau Bromont

Wedding reception decor at Chateau Bromont

Wedding guests chatting with bride and groom

Auntie playing with kid

Bridesmaid's speech

Iranian dancing at wedding

Persian wedding dancing at Bromont


Iranian wedding dancing

Wedding guests dancing

Dancing photo 03

Dancing photo 01

Dancing photo 02

Dancing photo 04

Dancing photo 05

Dancing photo 07


Dancing photo 06

Man drumming on a djembe

Guests holding sparklers during first dance

First dance at Chateau Bromont

Wedding guest waving a lit sparkler around the bride and groom during their dance

Wedding reception

Groom skyping with a relative during wedding

DJ: DJ Shahriar
Photographer: Esther Gibbons Photography
Video team: Shamim Nakhai and Alexandre Vlad
Officiant (Canadian): Claire Mallet
Officiant (Persian ): Maman Ozma
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