Atwater Market engagement photos

Atwater Market engagement photos

Jennifer and Radu live in Toronto but are planning their wedding in Montreal this summer. These two tall, gorgeous bons-vivants love to travel and enjoy the finer things in life.

Their artistic tastes for photography include textures in old buildings and brick walls, a classic feeling, natural moments and creative framing.

We met up during their latest trip to Montreal for their engagement photo session at Atwater Market and along the Lachine Canal. I had a lot of fun working with them! As a personal fitness trainer, Radu kept trying to turn the photo shoot into a workout. He did manage to squeeze in some push-ups (lifting his fiancée) and some pull-ups (climbing on a bridge). Shows how much he loves his job! :)

Natural engagement photos along Lachine Canal

Since they are not from Montreal, I provided some location suggestions for their engagement session. They checked them out with some online research (yay for Google Street View) and ended up falling in love with the Lachine Canal/Atwater Market neighbourhood. It’s a busy spot and full of interesting photo opportunities, from the Atwater Market area with its flower stands and farmer’s market, to the canal area, with its little bridges, passing bikes, docks, and a view of downtown Montreal in the distance. Jenn especially liked the tiny Ma Bicyclette bike rental shop, so we made sure to stop there for a few photos.

We ended up walking about 4 km during this photo shoot, as we trekked all over the Lachine Canal area, from the Atwater Market all the way down past the Saint-Gabriel locks. Plus Jenn did it all in high heels!

I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding! And if you’re getting married in Montreal and want natural, creative wedding photography, let’s chat. I’d love to hear about your wedding plans.

Engagement photos among the flowers at Atwater Market

Atwater Market’s lush flowers and plants

Engaged couple looking at plants at Atwater Market Engaged couple walking over pedestrian bridge near Atwater Market

Boyfriend doing a pushup with fiancée on his back

Radu added his own fitness challenges to the photo session

Atwater Market engagement photos

Engaged couple kissing on bridge near Atwater Market

Couple trying out a bike at My Bicyclette

Engaged couple posing with a bike at My Bicyclette

Ma Bicyclette bike rental shop

Ma Bicyclette engagement photos

Couple kissing on a bench near Lachine Canal

Couple standing on a dock near rental canoes

H2O kayak rentals were kind enough to let us explore their dock

Couple standing on a dock near Atwater Market

Fun couples photos near Atwater Market

Exploring an art piece near Lachine Canal

Wandering through “Entrelacement“, an urban art installation by Michel De Broin

Montreal engagement photos near Lachine Canal

Fiancés playing around during engagement sessionCouple on bridge on Lachine Canal

Montreal engagement photo along the Lachine Canal

Couple kissing along the Lachine Canal

Griffintown engagement photos

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