Here’s how to get ready for your business headshots

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If you’ve booked me to photograph headshots for your website, your online bio or Linkedin, that’s great! Our next step is to make sure you look your best for these business portraits since they’re going to be your ambassadors online. Below, you’ll find a few tips to help you get ready for your business headshots!

Business headshot - navy suit with button-down dress shirt

Business portrait - pearl necklace and leather jacket

To keep your skin looking fresh and healthy:

  • Avoid greasy foods, alcohol or cigarettes the day before your shoot.
  • Hydrate by drinking water.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

Creative business headshot - polka dot shirt with black leather jacket

What to wear:

  • Choose a work outfit that’s familiar, comfortable and makes you feel confident.
  • Solid colours, especially blue, are good choices for shirts.
  • Stay away from busy shirt patterns, like plaid or stripes, unless you’re in a creative field.
    For men:

  • A suit always look great (charcoal, grey or navy blue suit).
  • To help keep the viewer’s attention on your face, avoid flashy tie colours and patterns.
  • Inspiration board for men

Business portrait - grey suit with burgundy tie

    For women:

  • The classic equivalent of the suit is a dark blazer over a soft shirt. I usually recommend blue or jewel tones for the shirt.
  • To help keep the viewer’s attention on your face, avoid distracting jewelry or low-cut necklines.
  • Keep makeup natural. If you’d like to get your makeup done by a professional the morning of your shoot, I can recommend some local makeup artists.
  • Inspiration board for women

Business portrait - navy dress with boat neckline

Business portrait - dark blazer over white shirt

Business portrait - dark blazer over dress