Couple portraits looking through a shiny sculpture at Champ-de-Mars metro, Montreal

Engagement photos: Old Montreal and Champ-de-Mars metro station

Laura and Nicholas are a sweet couple I first met at the Marions-Nous bridal show in January. I’m already looking forward to shooting their wedding next summer. But in the meantime, here are some favourites from their engagement photos in Old Montreal and the Champ-de-Mars metro station.

Why engagement photos in Old Montreal and Champ-de-Mars?

I’m in Old Montreal a lot for portrait sessions because it’s one of the most picturesque spots in the city of Montreal. But for Laura and Nicholas, the waterfront area and the canals hold a special significance. Laura works for Parks Canada, writing communications on the historic canals and her office is located right in Old Montreal.

I chose to meet up with Laura and Nicholas at Champ-de-Mars metro station, since I wanted to explore some new photo locations in the eastern end of the Old Port area, in a more modern urban setting. Then, we headed west all the way through Old Montreal, ending up our photo session at the Peel Basin, with its view of the Farine Five Roses sign, a Montreal landmark.

Laura and Nicholas are the cutest! They had a lot of fun during the shoot in their quiet way and made my job easy by smiling, looking at each other, laughing and generally being in love! :)

Couple portraits looking through a shiny sculpture at Champ-de-Mars metro, Montreal

“Un solide” sculpture by Jacques Bilodeau – Station Champ-de-Mars, Montreal.


Couple holding hands near graffiti in Montreal

Happy graffiti spotted near Champ-de-Mars metro

Take the long way home

“Take the long way homeâ€.

Engagement photos at Champ-de-Mars metro station

Engagement photos in the tunnel under Champ-de-Mars metro station, Old Montreal

Engagement photos in Old Montreal

Passers-by frame these engagement photos in Montreal’s underground city

Couple kissing in front of old industrial building with fire escape

Engagement photos in the Old Port

Couple hugging in busy cobblestone street for Montreal engagement photos

Couple holding hands in street with their reflection showing in a puddle

Couple standing hand-in-hand for engagement photos in Montreal

Couple strolling by a pond

Engaged couple snuggling on a park bench

Happy couple hugging in Montreal

Couple’s photos in Old Montreal

Couple framed by bicycle stands in Old Montreal

Engaged couple lying in the summer grass in Montreal's Old Port

Black and white photo of engaged couple in Old Montreal

Couple holding hands at Peel Bassin, with the Farine Five Roses sign in background

The iconic Farine Five Roses sign

Couple kissing by a graffiti sticker that says "Love Me"

Now the “Love me, love me, say that you love me” song is stuck in my head. :)

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