App discovery: PHHHOTO

How would you pronounce PHHHOTO? I’ve been calling it “Pho-ho-ho-to”…like Santa. What do you say?

PHHHOTO is like Instagram but with moving pictures. It takes 4 rapid-fire shots with your phone’s camera, creating an animated image (like a GIF). Your photo is immediately shared within the app’s internal social network, where you can also explore the amazing pictures others have created.


Design agency HyperHyper created PHHHOTO to take moving pictures at an office party photo booth. It was so popular with the guests that they turned it into an app (released in July 2014) and it’s been gaining users ever since.

So simple it’s a big challenge

The features are very limited: there’s a timer, a basic B&W filter, but no import or editing capabilities. Super basic! But its very simplicity is what makes this app both easy to use and challenging to master.

The app’s limitations are forcing users to get crazy creative to make images that stand out: levitating objects, exhaling smoke, splashing in puddles, playing with moving lights and shadows, perspective and movement. There are a ton of head-scratching images with a chorus of “how did you do that?” comments.

  • To get an idea of what people are doing with the app, check out PHHHOTO’s Wow page.
  • You can get the free app here: PHHHOTO for iphone.
  • And if you try it, add me and I’ll check out your moving pictures.

Here are a few of my recent favourite finds:

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