Vintage-inspired engagement photos at Montreal's Big Orange

Montreal engagement photos at the Big Orange

The Big orange

For the second half of their engagement photo session, Marie-Hélène and Louis decided to go a little vintage and kitsch. So we headed to Montreal’s classic Orange Gibeau for some fun, creative engagement photos.

The Big Orange is a retro fast-food drive-in located just off Autoroute Décarie near Namur metro station. It has been a Montreal junk food icon for decades. Once known for its rollerskating waitresses, it now serves food from the walk-up counter. Nothing fancy, just hot dogs, burgers, greasy fries and its trade-mark Orange Julep drink: a foamy, milky orange juice.

Vintage style

Marie-Hélène and Louis wore coral and navy blue vintage outfits. Their accessories were well-chosen: blue suede shoes and a straw trilby hat for Louis, a retro electronic watch and colourful peep-toe flats for Marie-Hélène.

To carry on with the vintage fast-food theme, we finished up the shoot by taking some photos by the shiny aluminum siding at the back of the nearby La Belle Province. Diner-rific!

If you missed the first part, check out their casual engagement session in the Plateau.

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