Surprise proposal in Montreal

Planning to capture this surprise proposal in Montreal

Ryan e-mailed me because he was planning to propose to his girlfriend during a weekend trip to Montreal. So we made some plans by e-mail for a cute photoshoot with them in the Old Port, around the hotel they were staying. Ryan pretended it was a couple’s photoshoot so they could have “nice memories of their trip” to Montreal. But the whole time we were taking photos, he was hoping Jordan wouldn’t notice the ring box in his jacket pocket.

Couple's photo in front of BMO building in Old MontrealCouple next to small gold sign that says MontrealCouple in hockey jerseys in Old MontrealCouple taking a carriage ride  in Old Montreal Black and white photo of couple taking a carriage ride  in Old Montreal

After a horse and carriage tour of the Old Port, we took a stroll around, stopping for coffee to warm up. Ryan and Jordan are from Buffalo but are big Canadiens fans and so we got some photos of them in their jerseys. And since they like hockey so much, they also laced up and took a turn around the skating rink in the Old Port.

Couple looking at each other in the winter sun Couple kissing in the winter sun Boyfriend lacing up skates of his girlfriend Couple skating in Old Port Skating at the skating rink in Old Montreal

Finally, as we were heading back to their hotel, I let them walk ahead of me down a row of trees to get some photos at a distance. After a few kisses and words of love, Ryan dropped to one knee, pulled out the ring box and proposed. Jordan was blown away, and she said yes!

Proposal in Old Port Boyfriend proposing to his girlfriend in Old Montreal Surprise proposal Engaged couple kissing Engaged couple in Old montreal Happy couple after proposal Newly engaged couple kiss Engaged couple

What a privilege to be asked to witness and document such a personal and emotional moment. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of their story in the photos above.

It was a great treasure for this couple to have photos of their proposal to share with friends and to remember all the little moments. I wondered a little if Jordan would be suspicious about the photoshoot, but she bought Ryan’s story and said she was totally surprised and overwhelmed by the proposal!

Of course, if you’re planning to hire a photographer to document your proposal, another option could be to set up a secret photoshoot to capture the proposal. I’m happy to provide suggestions of spots around Montreal that would be great locations to propose. I absolutely want to shoot more proposals…I love the big emotional moments! So guys (and gals), if you’re planning to pop the question, get in touch with me!

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