Couples photos in Old Port, a forest of blue metal sticks.

Rebekah & Tito explore the Old Port

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing a few photos taken during a portrait session in the Old Port.

Rebekah and Tito met while she was studying in Argentina and they recently travelled back to Quebec for a wedding ceremony in her hometown of St-Eustache. I was a guest at their wedding, and since Rebekah was a friend of mine growing up, I offered them a mini-portrait session.

It was a short-and-sweet photo session to me, but to Tito, who hates being photographed, it probably seemed an eternity! Haha… Still, he was a gracious and willing subject and Rebekah brought enough enthusiasm for both of them. :)

We walked through the Old Port, looking for a view of Jacques Cartier bridge and, along the way, stopped for several “photo ops”. I really enjoyed taking a few photos that went outside-the-box of the typical Old Port photos (you know…cobblestones and carriages and cathedrals). I loved the very strange forest of bright blue poles.

Rebekah and Tito plan to use one of their photos for their thank you cards! Hum…which one will they pick?









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