Bride and groom sharing a macaroon kiss

Joshua & Molli’s intimate family wedding at the Old Mansion House, in Georgeville, Quebec

I was so surprised when I heard that Molli and Joshua were travelling up from South Carolina to Magog, Quebec, to get married!

Typical destination weddings happen in places like Cuba and Mexico, right? They had things upside-down…going north for a wedding…didn’t they?

Then I found out that they are in love with French culture. Aha!

This was a chance for them to enjoy a little bit of French culture in North America…where their whole families could come along. Even the grandparents were courageous enough to make the 24-hour road trip up through the States.

So Molli and Josh were married in an intimate ceremony on the porch of the Old Mansion House in Georgeville, Quebec.

It rained a little on their wedding day, but since the ceremony was held on the porch, everybody kept dry. And as they say in French “mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux” (rainy wedding day, happy mariage).

Here are some preview images to tell the story of their special wedding at the Old Mansion House:

Grandmother peeking into bride's room

Wedding dress hanging on fan in antique house

Grooming tying his bow tie in front of a mirror

Joshua is an expert bow-tie tyer!

Little boy with pink shirt and bow tie

Groomsmen in retro shoes

Love the guys’ sweet shoes!

Bride copying out her wedding vows

Mollie making a final copy of her vows

Closeup of wedding rings

Groom with suspenders and wedding date embroidered on his shirt

The wedding date was embroidered on Joshua’s shirt. Creative idea!

Grandmother adjusting bride's dress

Maid of honor fixing bride's birdcage veil

Closeup of bride looking out the window

Ringbearer lighting a candle

Mother pinning groom's boutonniere on

Closeup of wedding cake made of macaroons

Joshua was very excited to have a wedding cake made of macaroons!


Grandma holding bouquet

Mollie’s grandmother holding her bouquet

Wedding vows

Mollie’s father Matthew is a pastor in the States and officiated their ceremony here.

Mom emotional during vows

Closeup of bride putting ring on groom

Candle-lighting ceremony

Bride and groom lighting friend's candle

During the candle-lighting ceremony, all the guests received candles and Mollie & Joshua went around to light everyone’s candle. Quite a challenge with the wind.

Grandparents watching wedding

Mom and grandma holding candles and handmade handkerchiefs

Mollie’s mom and grandma with their candles and their beautiful handkerchiefs.

Parents with bride and groom reading

Prayers for the bride and groom

Family photo on the porch of the Old Mansion House, Georgeville, QC

Family and friends at a wedding at the Old Mansion House, Georgeville, QC

Knockout punch!


Young groomsmen with fake mustaches

Joshua’s dad brought fake moustaches for the boys who were too young to grow one! Hehe!

Young groomsmen with fake moustaches

Ringbearer with fake mustache

Bride with fake mustache

Mollie had to try one on! Joshua doesn’t look sure about that…

Bride and groom sitting on a small bench inside an old inn

Close up of bride and grooms hands holding each other

Bride and groom photos from wedding at the Old Mansion House

Joshua and Mollie on the tiny upper porch of the Old Mansion House

Bride on stairs looking down at groom below

Black and white portrait of bride and groom looking at each other

Wedding couple doing a dip kiss inside an old wooden covered bridge

We found a small covered bridge filled with love-graffiti from generations of local couples.

Bride and groom in the woods

Wedding couple on a dock

Couple on a dock

A local church and schoolhouse nearby made a cute backdrop for their photos

A local church and schoolhouse nearby made a cute backdrop for their photos

Couple kissing near the back of a rustic building

Mollie let out the train of her wedding gown for a final few photos in the back yard of the Old Mansion House

More wedding photo inspiration

Here’s another Eastern Township wedding.


  • Sebastien Brodeur
    Posted at 20:13h, 26 June

    I know this cover bridge in Fitchbay. A shame the amount of grafiti.

    • admin
      Posted at 00:23h, 27 June

      Hehe, yes, it would look nicer if they cleaned it up…but it’s kind of cool that all the graffiti is couples… Du style: “David + Marie-Pierre = true love 4ever”. It’s not as pretty, but it’s kind of special.

      You have been to Fitch Bay?