Couple holding hands and walking away into the snow and ice.

Danny and Natalie-Ann – Winter engagement pictures

On a cold (ahem…very cold!) winter’s day, Danny and Natalie-Ann courageously braved the weather to take a walk in their neighbourhood park and get their winter engagement pictures taken. Hurray!

And because (though it may pain us to admit it) we are not superheroes, we also spent some time taking photos in their warm house.

About this couple

Danny is an engineer by day, DJ by night, and Natalie-Ann is an HR and accounting coach for small businesses. She also loves the Sound of Music (I concur!). Together, they love swing dancing. And they are clearly awesome.

Their winter engagement pictures

Here are a few favourites from their winter engagement pictures excursion:

Engaged couple in home Couple holding hands in BW A warm hug with sun streaming in window Engagement pictures: a kiss with sun streaming in the window Couple venturing outside in the winter among the bullrushes Couple kissing on a bridge in winter. Winter engagement pictures on a bridge. How awesome are bridges? Winter engagement pictures on a pedestrian bridge Winter engagement pictures...snow and ice and penguins and ice and igloos and ICE


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