Wedding couple kissing at sunset

A vegan wedding at La Vieille Brasserie de Lachine

Here are some of my favourite parts of this wedding at La Vieille Brasserie de Lachine.

Jennifer and David worked really hard to plan and pull off the wedding of their dreams!

Wedding preparations at Pierre du Calvet hotel

The wedding couple got ready at the Pierre du Calvet hotel. It’s an ancient place in the Old Port (built in 1725). Within its halls is a labyrinth surprising rooms filled with ornate beds, musty books, live parrots, dusty wooden chairs and busts of John Lennon and Angeline Jolie.

It’s a fun playground for a creative photographer!

The wedding couple’s first look

The getting-ready was chaotic.

There were lost bras, missing shirts and last-minute ironing. David was hiding in a corner scribbling away at his vows. Meanwhile, Jenny was getting misty-eyed as she wrote hers and having to be dabbed at with Q-tips. Earrings wouldn’t go on. And David’s friends were trying to Google how to do his bow tie. Tourists wandered through the hotel.

Finally, we staked our claim on a dusty library-turned-dining room.

There, David and Jenny had their first look.

A first look is a private moment before the wedding, when the wedding couple gets to see each other for the first time (all dolled up!) and gets to share a quiet minute or two with each other before the excitement begins. And us wedding photographers get to document the moment!

If you like first look photos, check out some other wedding photos featuring first looks at the Westmount Greenhouse, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Fritz Farm.

For this first look moment, David waited by the window until Jenny sneaked up behind him and told him he could turn around. First, they stared at each other beaming. Then, Jenny said: “Your bow tie’s wrong. Let me fix it for you.” Aha! Finally, someone who knew how to take care of him!

The Vieille Brasserie de Lachine wedding venue

The Vieille Brasserie de Lachine makes a lovely wedding venue.

It has an outdoor terrace for the ceremony and a gorgeous rustic reception hall. The place needs little decoration, with its beautiful stone walls and exposed wooden beams. But Jenny’s mom still gathered wildflowers the morning the wedding to brighten up all the tables.

The Vieille Brasserie is also perfectly situated for picturesque wedding photos in the surrounding area. I love the riverside, the docks and the old stone walls.

A Jewish wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony was officiated by Rabbi Elina Bykova. She included many elements of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony (the reading of the ketubah, the seven blessings, the circling of the bride and groom and the breaking of the glass). I’ve photographed several weddings Rabbi Elina has officiated. She’s always a pleasure to work alongside.

Vegan wedding caterer

As mentioned in every single speech (lol!), Jenny is vegan and Dave is vegetarian. So, it was really important to them to have a wedding reception that would be in line with their values. Their caterer, Adrian Copeland of Somatic, exceeded their expectations with a modern, upscale all-vegan dinner that had all the guests in “yums!”

Epic dancing

The lively hora: This amazing spinning dance is a traditional Jewish folk dance where everyone dances in a big circle and 2 people join hands in the middle and spin around as fast as they can, until one of them flies, falls over or loses their breath. It’s like a kid’s game for adults. And I love it!

Gleeful swing dancing: Jenny and David did an awesome Charleston swing dance to “Sing, sing, sing” played by the Preville Big Band. High energy. High kicks. High jumps.

Hope you guys enjoy these photos of Jenny and David’s wedding at La Vieille Brasserie de Lachine!

The wedding rings resting on the mantlepiece

Groom writing his vows last minute

Close up of the wedding rings

Bride getting her makeup done in a solarium with a parrot

Bride writing her vows last minute

Bride writing vows

Bride getting makeup done

Groom tying bow tie

Wedding dress hanging in window at Pierre du Calvet

Mother of groom seeing bride in wedding dress

First look: bride adjusts bow tie

Quiet moment with bride and groom before ceremony at Pierre du Calvet hotel

Bride and groom in vintage car on way to ceremony

Bride and groom in front of stone wall


Jewish wedding ceremony at Vieille Brasserie de Lachine

Rings tied on a burlap cushion

Ring bearer holding rings

Bride enters ceremony with mother and father

Wedding ceremony

DIY birch and burlap huppah

Groom puts wedding ring on bride's finger

Groom lifting veil

Bride drinks wine during ceremony

Triumphant exit from wedding ceremony

Bride and groom and friends

Bride and groom jumping

Wedding couple kissing on dock

Wedding couple hugging

Wedding couple kissing at sunset

Flowers at wedding

Details of DIY birch and burlap huppa

Extravagant wedding cake details

Couple dancing at wedding reception

Mother and child dancing at wedding reception

Dancing at La Vieille Brasserie de Lachine wedding reception

Dancing at wedding reception at La Vieille Brasserie

Dinner at wedding reception

Child watching bride and groom dancing at wedding reception at La Vieille Brasserie

Hora at wedding reception

Hora at wedding at La Vieille Brasserie de Lachine

Live horns at wedding reception

Preville Big Band for swing dancing wedding couple

Preville Big Band performing at wedding reception

Nighttime photo at wedding reception

Bride and groom's speech at La Vieille Brasserie wedding reception

Bride and groom's speech at wedding reception at La Vieille Brasserie

Mason jar lanterns at wedding reception at La Vieille Brasserie

  • Roxanne
    Posted at 10:47h, 15 September

    NICE shots Esther!

  • Cara Hancox
    Posted at 08:29h, 28 February

    I really like the photography from this wedding. I would like to know who it was, as our daughter is being married in October and is looking for someone original and edgy.
    These wedding shots capture the special, the artful and the real with an artful realism.

  • admin
    Posted at 11:10h, 28 February

    Hi Cara,

    Thanks for your interest! I’m the photographer and I would love to hear more about your daughter’s wedding in October.

    If you’d like to give her my contact info, she can easily get in touch with me by email ([email protected]) or by phone (514-432-0273).

    Esther :)