Old National Geographic mags on the floor

Wallpaper: An affection for dusty National Geographics

I went to see Moonrise Kingdom. There’s a Narrator character who wanders through the movie as if he’s on the set of a weather documentary from the 60s. He brought to mind the dusty pile of National Geographics my dad had when I was a teen. I never read the articles, but I would page through them, falling in love with certain pictures. I pored over the images, carefully clipping out my favourites with scissors and remixing them as collages:

A woman staring through barbed wire, while a German Shepherd barks and lighting strikes. A jazz trumpeter slouching on a bench. A marble statue jutting out of a black lava field while a boy does hand stands. Candlelight on the back of a girl at a ball. A wrinkled fisherman, grinning. A violinist looking up at the light. A boy with grimy hands holding a bouquet of radishes.

This was before high-speed Internet and Flickr and Pinterest. These collages were my way of curating “Likes”.

Anyways, in a fit of nostalgia, I went to the Salvation Army thrift store and picked up a bunch of old magazines to look through. We’ll see what I find inside.

Hope you enjoy this photo and quote!

Old National Geographic magazines

Download a National Geographic old-timey goodness wallpaper (1440×900)

What about you? Are there photographs you’ve fallen in love with? How did you collect them?

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