Workshop with LeahAndMark

On Saturday, I went to the Studio4fun on St-Hubert street for an informal workshop with Mark of He’s a very down-to-earth and friendly photographer from one of the Carolina’s (maybe South?), who was in Montreal with his wife. While she attended a conference, he spent some of his free time getting to know Montreal and shooting with photographers and models from here. I think that’s awesome. And I also think it’s awesome that he gave his time to teach a mini-workshop to a bunch of strangers. :)

It just goes to show that being generous is a great way to get the word out about your photography, cause here I am, being all fan-club-like and spreading the news. Hey, I’m always looking for new heroes.

Read Mark’s blog post about the workshop

I enjoyed the relaxed shooting atmosphere and the chance to meet some new models and photographers. Here are a few of my favourite shots of the afternoon:

It was my first time shooting with Marie-Pier, who’s from Quebec City. She brought a funky pair of glasses and lots of sequins.

Marie-Pier, headshot, black and white

Model on the street sequins

Marie-Pier with retro glasses in a shopping cart

Mon premier shoot avec Marie-Pier: une fille qui aime les paillettes à profusion et qui a du talent en masse.

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