3 movie references that make posing for photos easier!

On my way home from shooting a couple’s engagement session, I realized I had used not just one but THREE movie references during the shoot to guide the couple into poses. Yes, I’m guilty of using chick flicks to explain photo poses…don’t judge! ;)

Here’s the movie references and when I use them:

Hitch – Go 90% of the way to a kiss

Hitch is teaching Albert how to woo his dream girl and says you never go 100% of the way to a kiss.

I like to use this 90% reference to get couples nice and close, but not quite kissing. Sometimes, it’s the moments right before you kiss that are most photogenic.

This is especially useful when doing silhouette photos, since, as soon as you kiss each other, your faces will merge to form a two-headed blob like a siamese twin. While if you keep that last 10% apart, your profiles are visible.

Here are a few examples:

While You Were Sleeping – Is this guy leaning?

In While You Were Sleeping, Jack and Lucy talk about the difference between hugging and leaning.

The Lean is a fun pose anywhere there’s a wall or tree or something to lean on. It’s a great starting off point to play around and get some fun interactions.

Princess Diaries – The foot pop

Often when I’m shooting and I know your feet will show, I’ll tell you to make your foot pop a little. Like in Princess Diaries!

This pose can look awkward if you exaggerate the pop, but a small relaxed lift or tiptoe looks great.

So, these are some ideas I like to use for poses during photo shoots with couples.

REMEMBER: These poses aren’t stiff rules to follow. Each one is just a starting off place to which we add some emotions and interactions to make the photos feel exciting and real!

Can you think of any other movie references I can try?

BONUS ROUND: Me, doing the “Garden State”


How to use Instagram at your wedding

If you like using social media, Instagram is an awesome way to collect and share your wedding guests pictures. You’ll be able to see your wedding from the eyes of your friends and family. Plus, you can use Instagram to entertain your guests at the wedding reception.

Big serious warning: Collecting your guest’s photos can’t replace hiring a wedding photographer. Smartphone photos are fun and easy to share. But comparing professional photos to your guests’ cellphone snapshots is like comparing your diamond engagement ring to a cereal box prize.


That being said, as long as you have a professional (like me) taking care of documenting your wedding with high-quality photography, it can be a blast to get everyone sharing their own photos during your wedding day.

Step 1: Create a unique hashtag Continue reading


Surprise proposal in Montreal

Hi everyone! In honour of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing one of my most romantic photo sessions from this fall.

Ryan e-mailed me because he was planning to propose to his girlfriend during a weekend trip to Montreal. So we made some plans by e-mail for a cute photoshoot with them in the Old Port, around the hotel they were staying. Ryan pretended it was a couple’s photoshoot so they could have “nice memories of their trip” to Montreal. But the whole time we were taking photos, he was hoping Jordan wouldn’t notice the ring box in his jacket pocket.

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Photos fiançailles sous la pluie – Noémie et Sébastien

Allo tout le monde! Ce soir, il y a de la neige et du froid dehors, mais les photos que je partage avec vous ont été prises lors d’une journée pluvieuse cet automne.

Noémie et Sébastien m’ont rejoint dans le Vieux-Port pour leur séance de photos en couple. On avait quelques doutes en voyant le mauvais temps s’annoncer, mais la pluie était assez douce pour s’aventurer.

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Esther Gibbons Photography

Salon de la mariée – Feb 1 & 2

Hey everyone! I’ll be at the Salon de la Mariée at the Palais des Congrès this weekend (February 1 and 2). If you’re coming, stop by and say hi! I’m at booth 1008 and I’d love to see you!

Keep an eye out for some of these big prints to find me among the crowd! Continue reading


2013 : favourite engagement photos

These past few weeks, I’ve been looking back at the last year and gathering my favourite photos in preparation for the Salon de la Mariée bridal show where I’ll be on Feb 1 and 2 (do come visit me!).

I thought I’d share 2 posts with the results. This one, with a bunch of my favourite engagement photos (where couples in love be all casual and have fun getting their photos taken). Continue reading

Fall engagement session in Parc Angrignon

Amanda and Jeremie’s fall engagement session

Amanda is a pharmacist and Jeremie is an app programmer. Combine these two ingredients together and you get a lovely lovely couple…the salt of the earth. They’ve been together for quite a few years and it’s cool to see how comfortable they are with each other. This year, they got engaged and now are busy planning their wedding!

I’m finally sharing a few photos of their engagement session. We chose Angrignon Park, in Lasalle, because it’s just around the corner from their home and it’s also a HUGE park with plenty of nice spots for photos. And on a sunny fall day, the orange leaves really popped! Continue reading


Jasmine and Didier’s bridal party photoshoot in Old Montreal

I had such a great time shooting Jasmine and Didier for their engagement photo session last summer.

I didn’t get to travel to Mauritius to shoot their wedding, but once they were back in Montreal we got together to do a post-wedding photoshoot.

Their closest friends had all gathered together in Montreal to celebrate their wedding…and they didn’t want to miss this chance to get some fun photos together. So they put on their best dresses and bow-ties and hit the streets! Continue reading


Élisa & Étienne: Un mariage plein d’émotions et d’exubérance!

Élisa et Étienne se sont mariés le 19 octobre à l’église St. Stephen’s avec une réception au Banquet La Sirène.

C’était une journée avec un peu de pluie, mais avec encore plus de larmes! C’est ce qui m’a le plus marqué dans leur mariage, les émotions vraies et abondantes. Continue reading